In the Spotlight 2022

in the spotlight november 26th talent show Here at Universal Hall Promotions, we’ve launched this year’s talent competition In the Spotlight. Deadline for submissions is Friday May 20th, and the final show from the 10 finalists will be on Saturday November 26th.

Those 10 chosen will receive fully-funded mentorship over the summer from a professional relevant to their art-form. This will make sure they are ready for their chance in the spotlight, and will give their arts career a boost.

Laura Pasetti
Coordinator and former mentor Laura Pasetti

After mentoring for last year’s show, Laura Pasetti is in charge of coordination for this year’s. She is the artistic director of the Scottish-based international Charioteer Theatre company, and has 30 years’ experience in the theatrical field. This includes her most recent Eco-theatre production of The Red Ball which recently filled every available seat at the Universal Hall. She says:

“When we meet the audience, a magic dialogue takes place; what an artist receives from the audience is an incomparable gift that pays off all of their efforts, their struggles and their challenges.
“In the Spotlight is an opportunity for emerging artists to receive professional mentoring, measure their abilities on a renowned stage and share their talent with a real audience. It is a great way to gain confidence, improve skills, share the journey with fellow artists and perhaps decide if the artistic career is what you would like to pursue.
The reward of performing can be a life-changing experience, and can give you the motivation or the inspiration that you need to follow your dreams.”

So far, the following mentors have signed up to take part this year:

  • Lîla Senior, classically-trained musician and award-winning composer
  • Sharon-Took Zozaya, who has choreographed, performed and taught contemporary dance in the USA and across Scotland
  • Mark Richards, professional photographer and founder of Aurora Imaging
  • Heather Hatch, renowned singer, performer and teacher of drama
  • Tim Flood, filmmaker for over two decades experienced in drama, documentary, self-portrait, animation and music videos
  • Heather Hatch, a renowned singer, performer, teacher and joy bringer who teaches at Inverness Stagecoach Theatre and who has her own local youth singing group
  • Renèe Williams, a native Californian working actor who tutors actors for drama school entry and/or professional auditions

Last year’s competition was called The Big Showoff, and the group of finalists performing a wide variety of different art-forms blew away a busy audience despite it happening not long after 2021’s lockdowns.

DJ Acutek Performing
Forres DJ Acutek performing in 2021’s show

Local DJ/Producer Duncan Falconer (AKA Acutek) was one of those artists. He says:

“It was a great experience to be part of and perform in the Universal Hall. Being able to meet creatives from the local area and play a different style of set helped me push my boundaries. I feel like it’s improved my performance and I’m looking to develop this further”.

You can follow in these footsteps and create your own unique performance that will be seen by hundreds. Submissions are closed for this year’s competition, but keep an eye out during Spring next year for another chance to enter.

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