Universal Hall Promotions is a not-for-profit company, a Social Enterprise, set up to run the public events in the Universal Hall. Although the Findhorn Foundation owns the building, Universal Hall Promotions, a separate company, promotes the artistic events and rents the space from the Foundation. We receive an Open Fund grant from Creative Scotland to deliver the high quality public programme of events – shows, concerts, films, dance and talks.

If you value having a great theatre on the Findhorn peninsula and if you have enjoyed shows here in the past, please take a moment to imagine what it would be like if we couldn’t run the events here and your nearest major venue was in Inverness or Aberdeen. In order to continue and thrive we need your help now. Creative Scotland will only continue to provide a grant if we show income streams other than their grant and our ticket income. They will not give us the grant unless we can demonstrate a new income stream this year. Most theatres have a scheme for community support and we are now launching ours. We want you to become a supporter and to consider giving us a supporter donation annually to secure our future as a public venue.  The minimum supporter donation is £20 but feel free to give us more. The donate button is at the bottom of this page. Remember all the money we receive will be spent on delivering the public events and, as a Social Enterprise, any profits are ploughed back into improving the programme.

And there is a rewards programme for supporters – a monthly prize draw of two free tickets for an event in the following month. Please give via the ‘donate’ button below and enter your details in the other boxes so you can be included in the prize draw.

David Till and Peter Vallance on behalf of Universal Hall Promotions

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